Rabbit Advocates App for Android and iOS


For Android phones (and other devices).

Rabbit Advocates is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose volunteers specialize in educating the public about the care of domestic rabbits. We aim to place surrendered or abandoned rabbits in loving homes where they will be welcomed as family members. Rabbit Advocates operate an education and adoption website as well as a help line. We hold rabbit adoption outreach events and other activities at locations around the Portland Metro Area and hold monthly meetings.

The homescreen of the app has a list of upcoming events that can be updated by pressing the “refresh” button. Pages that contain information on monthly events feature thumbnail maps of the locations that will open Google Maps when pressed. Links to information on rabbit care,  adoptable rabbits, how to be a foster home for rabbits, and other information on the website can be found in this app as well.

This app is totally free and has no advertisements.