Plants Around Town App for Android


“Plants Around Town” takes a look at some of the humble plants all around us that are often seen as just weeds. However, many of these plants have rich histories of helping to heal us and keep us healthy. This app will give the user a renewed appreciation for the plants growing along roadsides, out of the cracks in sidewalks, underneath mailboxes, and in untamed yards.

Currently, 18 common plants are profiled. Any additions will be included in future updates. There are many other apps that cover many more plants. This app focuses on commonly seen yet often overlooked unmanaged plants, and attempts to avoid overwhelming the user with information that may otherwise make it harder to identify very common plants.

This app aims to both help the user to identify the plant, and also give some interesting information about the plant and how it has been used medicinally. All information in this app is, of course, for educational use only and should not be seen as a substitute for knowledgeable medical help. I, the person who made this app, don’t really know much about this stuff at all. I just found it interesting and looked stuff up, trying to get good sources that have congruent information.

All pictures are taken in and around Portland, Oregon.

A glossary is also part of the app. Medicinal properties are defined, and links to plants that have that particular property are included at the end of the glossary entry.

Again, the information contained in this app is for educational use only, and not to be taken as a substitute for medical care.

Link to Plants Around Town on Google Play: